The Twilight Saga

Made by a true Twilighter

Haye Guys!

I'd like to thank and dedicate to all the following people.

To Stephenie Meyer- for writing these awesome books. Without them I have no clue what I would do. You rock, Stephenie!

To Beth- for getting me into these books. Miss you Girl!

To Merf, Summer, and Kirsten- for listening to me go on and on about Twilight. Yall are FREAKING AWESOME!

To Jaybird- for letting me buy her books from her. I am forever in your debt. And good luck with your Edward.

To Kaylen- for giving that speech about computers in Ms. Yancey's class. Without it I would never figured out how to create this.

To Lauren- for checking in on this often. It's for people like you that get me to update this.

To my girl Meghan, who is AWESOME! and who checks this even if I don't update it. 

To my Edward Cullen (though I have not found him. YET!)- for giving me the hope that there is true love and there is still hope.

To My Favorite Sites- for inspiring me to do this.

To all the Male Twilighters (cough, cough, Alex and Squishy)- for keeping on Reading no matter what people say.

To the Person Reading This Now- for actually taking the time out of your precious reading to just look at my novice website.

I ♥ You All!

- ♥ Caylin